About Us


For over 30 years Kobi's has been hosting benefits and fund raisers for members of the local community. A true family establishment, Kobi's has become an icon in Bonner Springs, Kansas, Mama Kobialka immigrated from Czechoslovakia in the 1950's and realized the American dream in 1986 when she opened Kobi's.

In 1992 Kobi's held it's first bike show and more than 700 motorcycles rolled through it's parking lot that day. This marked the beginning of a new era as Kobi's became one of the first biker bars in Kansas City. Kobis Bar and Grill has expanded three times since then, including a full service kitchen. Mama has greeted every customer with a smile and her seven children have always been hers, helping with all facets of the business. The Kobialka family values and tradition are the heart of Kobi's Bar and Grill and Mama's recipes are at the heart of it's menu.

Welcome to Kobi's. We're glad you're here.